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Herbs and More Herbs and More can provide a natural herbal remedy for many common conditions. Chronic Fatigue is a condition of continuous low energy over a prolonged period and can manifest in diminished immune response, irritability, weight gain, and other symptoms. PMS can successfully be supported using the herb combination Female Comfort with Don Quai. Conditions such as Constipation, Colds and Flu and Chronic Headaches have many natural solutions. Even the symptoms that stem from Hepatitis C, Herpes, as well as other viruses can be alleviated using natural herbal supplements.

We can also assist you in providing natural solutions for Cleansing, Weightloss, Prostate Health, and natural health care options for children.

Steve Marmor Steve Marmor is the owner of Herbs & More and has been serving the community of Encinitas and the greater San Diego area for over fifteen years.

Steve has a background in Biology and Nutrition, and is an Herbologist, Iridologist, and Nutritional Consultant. In addition, Steve utilizes Applied Kinesiology/Muscle Testing when working with customers and clients.

Steve has broad experience in using natural herbal remedies to improve energy conditions and specifically assisting in getting great results when a person's system is run down or chronically fatigued.

Steve has literally worked with thousands of people with Chronic Fatigue and associated symptoms. See just a few of the testimonials.

In addition to Chronic Fatigue and energy conditions, Steve regularly consults individuals affected by conditions that are listed above. as well as many other health issues.

Steve is a knowledgeable and effective public speaker who has done seminars and classes on a wide variety of natural health topics for a number of corporations and special interest groups over the last ten years.

Please feel free to contact Steve about any conditions great or small that may be troubling you, your family, or friends.

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